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Biker Gouache Painting. This character represents a rebel and a loner, the freedom of the open road The road sign is 'wildlife'.  © Gavin Bonnar    Digital Version


Your logo should instantly identify your business and stand out from the crowd. 

The Bruce Trilogy

by Nigel Tranter After the success of The Wallace I was commissioned again by Novel Sound in East Lothian to design a set of three Double Cassette covers for The Bruce Trilogy, an audio book version of Nigel Tranter's book read by actor Micheal Elder. Book 1: THE PATH...

What Is The Answer?

What is the Answer? This painting represents a school pupil, wearing a dunces hat and chained to a globe as a ball and chain. He's worked out the answer on an abacus and eagerly puts his hand up straight in the hope that he will be picked to give his answer.  He also...

Rockin’ Bones

Rockin' Bones Two pelvic bones rocking together.Originally the idea was for a sculpture that rocked on cog wheels and springs, the pelvises simulating sex. © Gavin Bonnar    

The Drum

The Colours of The Chameleon In the urban jungle of Edinburgh designer Gavin Bonnar has created a cyber showcase of art and design. David Hunter logs on and prepares to meet the beast. 'Chameleon (Kam-meal-yon) small lizard that changes colour according to its...

Strand Lighting

Strand Lighting I was commissioned by Strand Lighting in Fife to produce illustrations for their lighting console instruction manual. Adobe Illustrator. © Gavin Bonnar    

Dave Robb & The Filmmakers

Dave Robb & The Filmmakers I was commissioned to design artwork for Dave's debut album, 'Capture An Image'. This was way back in 1991, my final year at art college.It was created using photographs, a hand painted background and traditional graphic paste up...


Toil This is part of a set of four paintings which deal with states of being. This one 'Toil' represents working hard but not getting anywhere. The figure has his head down and walks on a ball, a precarious place to be. He walks endlessly going around the ball but...

Bob Marley

Bob Marley Acrylic paint on box canvas 90 x 90cm.Commissioned painting. © Gavin Bonnar